Are You Going to Heaven?

Many people are convinced that they are going to heaven because of their wealth and riches.  However, it must be noted that wealth and riches are not the basis for getting into heaven.   As we shall see in the following story, it is in fact more difficult for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God.   Rather, anyone who wants to make heaven their home, must be born again
According to Luke 18:18, a certain ruler went to Jesus and asked him “Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?”  
What do we know about this man?
He was a ruler; a man of status.  He was a man in position having some authority over others.  However, his position or status as a ruler could not get him into heaven.  
According to verse 20 and 21, “Thou knowest the commandments, do not commit adultery, do not kill, do not steal, and do not bear false witness, honor thy father and thy mother.   And he said, All these have I kept from my youth up.”
Here we find that he was not just a ruler but also a religious man.  He was well versed in the commandments.  He knew of the words it compelled.  He told Jesus that he kept the commandment since the days of his youth.
The same can be found in our world today.  A number of people can quote the bible from cover to cover.  They can recite verse after verse and even provide the history behind them.  Yet, they do not know who God is. What is clear is that in stead of knowing the commandments and knowing who God is, they know of the commandment and of God.  However, they have never had the personal experience of knowing him.
According to verses 22 and 23, “Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.  And when he heard this, he was very sorrowful: for he was very rich.”
These verses clearly demonstrate he was more concerned about money than anything else.  He was unwilling to give to the poor and to God.  Salient it is to understand that he came to Jesus seeking eternal life. Jesus granted it to him. Yet, he went home sad. Is it not true that when one received salvation he or she should be happy?  Then why was this man sad and sorrowful?
Clearly, like so many today, he was more interested in earthly things than in the things of God. He preferred to hold on to material things than the spiritual.
Today, if you find yourself in such position, you ought to know it will only bring you sadness and sorrows.  This rich ruler came to Jesus hoping that his riches would get him into heaven but he went home sorrowful.
According to verse 24-26, “And when Jesus saw that he was very sorrowful, he said, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God!  For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.  And they that heard it said who then can be saved?”
This question gives the perception that those who were with Jesus had the belief that it would be easier for the rich to get into heaven.  Even so today, some believe that because they are rich and wealthy they are entitled to a ticket to heaven.  Jesus however dispelled that. This seems to raise the question, who then can go to heaven?

According to St. John 3, Nicodemus went to seek salvation of Jesus by night. “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” This certainly puzzled Nicodemus. So the scripture said he asked Jesus if a man can be born again when he is old. Can he enter into his mother’s womb a second time?
In verse 5 “Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”  We must give up all in order to follow Christ.  Our central focus must not be on riches or any other earthly things.  Christ must be the center of our lives.  We must repent and then we will be able to give up earthly things.
It is important to understand that it is not our earthly treasures that matters.  Rather, it is the heavenly.  Look what Jesus said in St. Matthew 6:20, “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.”  How important is this?  All that a man has on earth is only for a time but the Kingdom of God is forever.

The value of eternal life in the Kingdom is highly desirable.  Thus, St. Matthew. 6:44 states, “again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.”  All that a man has. He will part with in order to gain the kingdom of God.
How about you?  Will you part with all that you have to possess the Kingdom of God?
Do not let your riches and or any earthly thing cause you to lose out on the kingdom of God.  Earthly materials will only last a short time and then the end will come.  As Ecclesiastes 1:2 tells us, “Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.”  Only the treasures that are laid up in the kingdom will last.
Where are your treasures laid?  Are your central focus on riches and earthly matters? Today, you have the opportunity to sell all your earthly possessions and be born again. This means, right now, you can make Jesus the center of your life.  Will you accept him in your life today?