Sunday School


To develop and nurture students in the love and understanding of God's Word. For everyone in Sunday School to understand that they are known by God and by their church family and that they belong to God's family.


• Grow in the understanding of God’s Word, develop self-control, develop poise in appearing before others, grow in a sense of responsibility and commitment, build closer relationships with peers by working together toward a common goal in an area of common interest. Learn through play time, Bible story-telling from the Old and New Testaments, art, music and prayer.


• Preschool Class designed to tell the Bible lesson with the Bible open at the appropriate passage to reinforce the fact that the lessons comes from the Bible and they are true. Also provide activities that allow children to use their large muscle skills. Have creative play experiences, role-playing, dramatizing, music, and movement.


• Primary Class designed to have opportunities for group projects, activities, and interaction. Also provide as much factual and background information when presenting the Bible lesson.


• Junior Class designed to provide opportunities for students to study the Bible. Make choices between activities and cooperative group work as well as independent study.


• Junior High Class designed to create an atmosphere where every student is valued, included and acceptance of all is encouraged. Also allow plenty of group interaction while presenting the Bible lessons.


• Senior High Class designed to expose students to moral reasoning and Biblical values. Also encourage students to choose to make a plan to apply what they learned to their lives.


• Young Adult Class designed to guide this transitional group through the challenges of the faith.


• Adult Class designed to help adults see the relevance of what is being learned. Connect the content of the lesson with everyday life. Create a sense of community.


• Couples Class designed to encourage couples to study God’s Word and equip them to counter the attacks on marriage and family life.


The Church of God of New Rochelle, Inc., in conjunction with Evangelical Training Association (ETA), has developed a ten credit college course designed to equip the saints for meaningful Christian service.

The class meets for one hour on Sunday mornings for approximately four years. We study Biblical history, doctrines, covenants, world missions and relate our learning to the present contemporary times. The course is about training faithful men and women for internal and external ministry for Christ’s glory.